About Us

OUR BRAND: Mantiques is unlike any other website or store you have seen. We don't want you to have to spend thousands of dollars for a piece that's only valued in the hundreds, and we don't want you to have to wonder if a piece is real or a reproduction. Our Brand is simple: Authentic, quality merchandise at prices our customers can afford.

OUR VALUES: Mantiques prides itself on putting items "where they belong" - whether that's back to a hometown where they were manufactured or in that collection where they make an incomplete set a whole. We believe every piece tells a story and every story is unique. We value the pieces we collect and the people we sell them to - our customers.

We don't want you to have to look through the "junk" to find the treasures. We value our customer's time and don't want to waste it. Our "Collections" and search engine allow you to look for that perfect item, making your online shopping experience both simple and easy.

We also value honesty. Therefore, it is Mantiques goal to always let a customer know when something is, in fact, a reproduction. We will never sacrifice our reputation just to put a dollar in our pocket. This hobby is about satisfying our customers and enjoying what we do.

In fact, it probably goes without saying that we love what we do and give you our word that we will continue to work to make Mantiques the #1 online website for shed, barn, garage, and man-cave collectibles.